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The kennel „Friendly Malinako’s“ belongs to us, a keeshond-loving family in a small village in Schleswig-Holstein, north of Hamburg, Germany and close to the highway A7.


How did we get our name?

Our kennel name consists of the first 2 letters of each of our children’s names.


How did we start breeding?

In 1998 we first fell in love with keeshonds, because of Atar who was at this time a little puppy. He became a family member and a year after he came to us we felt there was no better dog to start breeding with.

We started to look for a mother for our kennel and a wife for Atar and in January 2000 we found Scorpio van de Barsewolffhaag, called “Ashby”. Soon afterwards we were fascinated by this dog as well and allowed the two to have puppies. 

Our first litter of 7 beautiful puppies was born in July 2001.

We kept “Angel”; she is the dog of our daughter Livia. She now does Agility with her. 

In October 2002 we had the second litter with Ashby. She became the mother of 6 wonderful puppies. 

Since then, we had the C-litter in May 2003 with Angel, the D-litter in February 2004 with Ashby, the E-litter in May 2004 with Angel and at the F-litter in March 2005 with Darja Dakota, a female out of our D-litter that we kept along with her brother Don Diego. 

Since 2009 we only breed German Spitz Mittel. Our favorite type is particolor. Now we have three generation (Grandma Juma, Mother Idaho and Daughter Jadie)

Our puppies grow up in our house and our garden. They are part of our everyday-life. People interested in puppies and other spitz-lovers are welcome at our house and our dogs love to get to know other people (and their dogs). 

Starting with the 6th week of age we go for walks with the pack of puppies. They enjoy discovering the forest, fields and parks, getting to know other dogs and seeing so many new things…

Every time we have puppies we are amazed at how fast they learn and how self-confident, curious and fearless they are. 

We lay importance on good health, good physical condition and social skills of our puppies, because we want them to be pleasant family dogs that know how to behave. Our puppies will be the owner’s companions that can be taken along everywhere without having any problems with them. 

Our puppies have grown up and are still growing up in many different countries of Europe. We are happy to have all those contacts to the owners of the Friendly Malinako’s puppies.


 We are members of the Spidshundeklubben (Danish Spitz Club) and have good contacts to Denmark.


How to contact us

 Telephone number: +49 – 4193 – 752 46 00

 E-Mail Address: Christian-beck@t-online.de

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